Saturday, October 15, 2016

Benchmade 940

This category of Benchmade knives is simply legendary. For more than a decade, customers are already buying and using these slim and chic knives for numerous every single day applications, and so they continue to be popular even now. They embody what you want in a EDC and, consequently, are respectable by knife enthusiasts and collectors.

Produced by Osborne, the Benchmade 940 and 943 knives have the patented AXIS mechanism for manual opening. The mechanism will be as smooth as silk and the knife is perfectly aligned so there's no play when opening or closing it. You will recognize that the blade is perfectly centered to help you the incredibly smooth mechanism.

Other configurations permit you to customize the Benchmade 940 or 943 with respect to the way you think you'll employ it generally. You can choose from a plain edge blade or a serrated blade, just the thing for cutting tough or heavily abrasive materials frequently. Additionally, you'll be able to decide on a satin finish or coated, sometimes a selection for customers for its anti-corrosive properties, particularly where saltwater is involved.

Customers will be able to decide if they would choose a clip point or a reverse Tanto. The clip point is extremely sharp and controllable, a fantastic combination found on many pocket knives and also favored by Bowie knives. Addititionally there is lots of leading edge, making them just the thing for slicing. Alternatively, you may like the reverse Tanto, which sacrifices the innovative for a tremendously strong tip which you can use for piercing tough material.

All the knives include a standard clip type, setup as reversible tip-up.

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